Full Body Erotic Massage

We want to caress you intimately and gradually bring you to euphoric heights. With every touch, every movement, affection shared and received to turn your erotic fantasies into reality.

  • $150 for 30 minutes

  • $170 for 40 minutes

  • $260 for 60 minutes

Come and feel the difference. Feel your blood rushing through your body, feel your heart racing towards inexhaustible desire. Your journey will be an evolving build up of sensuous heat ending in pure bliss.

Keeping It Clean

Our establishment is sanitized & decontaminated regularly by Flu Busters to provide you with peace of mind knowing you are spending your time in a very clean environment.

The FluBusters

The FluBusters™ network has over 25 years of experience with sanitization & decontamination services. Our partner environmental engineers, decontamination specialists are ready to undertake serious and life-threatening bio-hazard situations using specialized equipment.

FluBusters™ has exclusive access to hospital-grade suppliers. Our team adheres to the highest standards of health and safety, creating fail-safe protocols for each customer while using the correct personal protective equipment.